A Meme Is Born: The Internet Riffs on That Creepy Melania Trump Christmas Video


Denizens of the Internet have taken it upon themselves to mock First Lady Melania Trump’s White House Christmas video, with writer Parker Molloy swapping the original soundtrack out with a series of creepy remixes. The First Lady’s trip to the Upside Down of Stranger Things can be seen above.

Her decorations unnerved just about everyone who gazed upon their menacing terror, causing many to be scared off tree-lined hallways forever. Below is an actual, non-doctored photo.

The photo of her wandering the lonely, stark white corridor has already gone viral. Is this fair? No! It is one hallway out of dozens upon dozens of decorated rooms, most of which are competently festive.

Is it funny? Heck yeah! That original photo has an “if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you” kind of vibe, which just begs for Internet mockery.

The New Yorker even got in on the act, with Jia Tolentino comparing Melania Trump to a fairy tale character.

“With these Christmas photos, the image of our First Lady as the wicked queen has taken over,” she wrote. “Watching Melania noiselessly observe her jewelry-box ballerinas, or stride through that godless bristling hall, it is easy to imagine the White House as a site of menacing enchantment.”

Molloy did not stop with Stranger Things. She took the First Lady’s video and matched it a host of different soundtracks, changing the vibe completely.

Here is an obligatory reference to horror classic The Shining. It fits, right?

Another horror classic, The Exorcist, received similar treatment. Just listen to those synths drone on, expressing the sheer terror of the theological unknown, just like that giant gingerbread house that currently rests in the State Dining Room.

Did Molloy forget to include iconic villain Mike Myers? Of course not! Here is the video set to the theme music from Halloween.

She also made some stills, riffing on the original photo.

Many others on Twitter had their own takes on Trump’s holiday nightmare.

Maybe there actually is a war on Christmas and our First Lady is one of its most aggressive foot soldiers.

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