Al Green Claims Impeaching Trump Means Many People ‘Won’t Want to Hold Fundraisers With Him’

Rep. Al Green, who has cheer-leaded the effort to impeach President Donald Trump, claimed that impeaching Trump will result in donors not wanting to give money to the president.

The Texas Democrat spoke with Morgan Radford on MSNBC, who was filling in for Alex Witt Sunday afternoon.

“It is one thing to want to defeat the president at the polls,” Green said. “But it’s another thing to understand that we have to impeach the philosophy that he’s perpetrating upon society. If we impeach the philosophy, we take on a broader–a broader threat to society than just defeating him at the polls.”

“The way to impeach that philosophy, ma’am, is to impeach this president. If he is not defeated in the Senate, he will still run as an impeached president and there will be a good many people who won’t want to hold fundraisers with him. A good many people who won’t want to be in his company because he become persona non grata to a good many of these wealthy people benefitting from his bigotry,” he continued.

Green also claimed he has coined the term “beneficial bigot” to refer to Trump.

“This is a term that I’ve coined. A beneficial bigot. Because he benefits those who will be meeting soon to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign. He has benefitted the clergy, which is supposed to be the backbone and corner stone of decency, by giving them the judges they want. He has benefitted the rich and the powerful by giving them the tax cut that they want. So he has benefitted them to the extent that they will tolerate his bigotry. When you tolerate bigotry, you perpetuate bigotry,” Green said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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