Andrew McCabe Defends Lisa Page and Peter Strzok: ‘Good People Who Served This Country Well’


Somewhere in a tony part of Long Island, Sean Hannity’s head has just exploded.

Former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe sat down with Today’s  Savannah Guthrie, revealing a treasure trove of solid Mediaite headlines. In this very special Mediaite post, we look at McCabe’s full-throated defense of his former FBI colleagues Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.

When asked if he ever witnessed “clear bias against the president” byPage and Strzok,  McCabe replied, “not once, not from Lisa Page, not from Pete Strzok, and not from anybody else on that team.”

He then called them “good people who served this country well,” before adding “They made some poor decisions in their private lives and in terms of the communications they exchanged with each other, that’s brought incredible grief and scrutiny on the FBI. I’m sure they regret that, but good people make bad decisions every day.”

For those who have blissfully avoided Fox News primetime programming over the past year, Page and Strzok are the extra-marital DOJ paramours who shared sweet nothings with each other via text message, some of which turned out to be remarkably damning indictments into the legitimacy of the counterintelligence investigation into President Donald Trump.

Guthrie asked about a specific text message in which Page and Strzok mention “a meeting in Andy’s office,” before asking  “did any kind of conversation like that take place in your hearing?”

McCabe replied “I don’t recall the meeting or the conversation that they relate in their private text. It’s one — a question I’ve been asked many times. We had many meetings between myself and those two and many others on the investigative I don’t recall the conversation that they’re referring to.”

Watch above via NBC News.

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