Atlantic’s McKay Coppins: Ivanka ‘Out of Her Depth’ in White House, Don Jr. ‘Natural Successor’ to Trump


The Atlantic writer who penned a shocking cover story on the family battle to succeed President Donald Trump. In that writer’s opinion, there is a clear favorite — and it’s not Ivanka Trump.

Appearing on CNN New Day Tuesday, The Atlantic‘s McKay Coppins spelled out why he believes it is Donald Trump Jr. and not Ivanka who is now the heir apparent.

“When they were in business, Trump always saw Ivanka as the person who would be the face of the Trump Organization, would be the face of the business,” Coppins said. “But in November of 2016 the family business changed. It’s now about politics. And as it turned out, in politics, Don Jr. was the more natural successor.”

According to Coppins, Ivanka has not proved to be up to the task during her time in the West Wing.

“Ivanka went into the White House and quickly found that she was somewhat out of her depth in policymaking and the political process,” Coppins said. “Whereas Don Jr. kind of went out and built his own grassroots fan base. And you see him out on the campaign trail now, the crowds love him. He’s like a mini-Trump out there beating the MAGA drum. And it looks now like he’s going to be the one to inherit that mantle whether the president likes it or not.”

Coppins went on to say that the president has come to the same conclusion.

“Trump has started to reassess things,” Coppins said. “And now even he, I’m told, can kind of see that Don Jr. is more talented on the campaign trail, has more of a natural connection to his base, and kind of begrudgingly has started to come around to the idea that Don Jr. is closer to where the Trump empire is now than Ivanka.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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