Bill Maher Rants About Trump’s Mental State: ‘The Expectations for This Mental Patient Are So Low!’


Bill Maher ripped into President Donald Trump’s unchecked narcissism and gaffe-filled week and complained that conservatives and Republicans never call him out for his dangerous rhetoric or inappropriate behavior because: “the expectations for this mental patient are so low.”

On his show Real Time, Maher offered a theory that Trump’s undiagnosed mental health issues put him at an advantage, because too many people just shrug off outrageous acts like insulting politicians during consolation visits.

“We did an editorial a while ago that said the narcissism, I know everybody talks about it, but they talk about it like it’s a quirk,” Maher began. “What I was saying: it’s not a quirk. Malignant narcissistic personality disorder, it’s a real thing. If he was a schizophrenic or bipolar we would take it much more seriously,” he said, to cheers from the audience.

“Unfortunately, it makes him a great politician, because he can do what politicians  — what they need to do — talk out of two sides of his mouth,” he explained, before pointing out several instances of Trump making contradictory statements on gun control. “The way the right-wing just pretends he never said it,” Maher said aghast, before pounding the table for emphasis. “Because the expectations for this mental patient are so low! Joe Biden says one little thing and it’s like ‘Oh my God, Biden is senile!’ And this guy, I saw him on the [White House] lawn today, frothing and spitting and sweating and, like, pacing like a caged animal, and lying and going off his head on a million different things and that’s OK because the bar is nowhere for him!”

Watch the video above, via HBO.

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