Maher: Dems Should Stop ‘Woke Liberal Time Machine Bullsh*t’ Calling Out Candidates for Positions Years Ago

Bill Maher closed his show tonight by saying Democrats need to stop the “woke liberal time machine bullshit” and trying to own candidates by digging up positions of theirs from years past.

As examples, he pointed to the controversy over Joe Biden‘s position on busing and the op-ed Kirsten Gillibrand called out Biden over a child care op-ed he wrote in 1981.

“This is the new trick in Democratic politics,” Maher said. “Dig up something your opponent said decades ago that looks bad by today’s standards and pretend that’s a mic-drop evidence of your awesome moral superiority.”

Maher pointed to how Kamala Harris‘ position on marijuana has changed and how even Barack Obama evolved on gay marriage.

“People have to stop pretending that if they were alive back then, they wouldn’t have been the same asshole as everyone else. Yes you would!” Maher said, aiming his monologue mostly at the millennial generation for “seem[ing] to think they came along right as society met perfection.”

You can watch above, via HBO.

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