CNN Panel Stunned by Trump Swiping at Pelosi from Normandy Cemetery: ‘Jarring’ Backdrop


CNN’s John Berman and his opening panel tonight were stunned by the optics of President Donald Trump‘s political remarks at Normandy cemetery.

Trump has gotten a lot of criticism for his comments swiping at rivals with the cemetery in the background, including a dig at Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Don’t just listen to what he said. Look. Look at where he said it. Look at what is all around him there,” Berman said. “Think about the magnitude of the sacrifice of those who are buried there, the sacrifice literally staring the president in the face. He knew it, and he did it anyway.”

David Gergen said there is “something sacred about this place” and asked that while he gets why Trump was “ticked off with” Pelosi, “who was on his advance team or why did he allow that to happen?”

“One possibility is he doesn’t care,” Berman suggested.

Gergen said Trump “stepped on his own story” with comments that detracted from his D-Day speech, remarking it says a lot about “not respecting a place as hallowed as that for Americans.”

Rick Wilson acknowledged he’s generally “sharp-tongued” when it comes to Trump, but he mostly expressed a sadness about Trump’s lack of boundaries and understanding of his role.

Berman noted Trump was reacting to a report about Pelosi saying behind closed doors that POTUS should be in prison, but Wilson said it’s no justification for Trump’s actions.

“I have to say,” Berman remarked, “the backdrop is jarring. You’re sitting there watching him do this interview, and you see in the background, David, those graves.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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