CNN’s David Gergen Says Trump Scored Points With DMZ Visit, But ‘His National Security Advisers are Probably Retching’

CNN’s David Gergen says President Donald Trump’s meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un scored some political points, but “his national security advisers are probably retching over” the visit.

“You have to hand it to Trump. He knows his showbiz pretty darn well,” Gergen said. “Having said that, Ana, this is obviously all about symbolism and way over substance. The communications people in the White House may drool over this, but the national security advisers are probably retching over it.”

Gergen did note the visit would likely be viewed positively.

“I must say, from a political standpoint. He scored some points today,” he said.

Gergen, a former adviser to three presidents, was speaking with Ana Cabrera on CNN Newsroom Sunday evening.

Cabrera noted that Trump did not mention denuclearization in recapping his talk with Kim Jong Un after meeting with him at the Korean Peninsula’s demilitarized zone, or DMZ.

“David, not one time was the word denuclearization used. Do you feel like the president is no longer seeking that goal?”

“I think it would be extraordinarily damaging to the United States and to his presidency, to drop the single most important goal that he has in mind,” Gergen responded. “It would really suggest weakness and unreliability in American foreign policy and I don’t think we can afford to go there.”

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