CNN’s John Berman: ‘No Discernible Difference’ Between Donald Trump Rally and HBO’s ‘Veep’


CNN’s John Berman noted that President Donald Trump’s joke that prompted an audience member at a rally to call for immigrants to be shot was nearly identical to a recent scene on the currently-airing HBO comedy series Veep.


At the Trump rally in Panama City Beach, Florida on Wednesday, an audience member yelled “shoot them” when Trump rhetorically asked how you could stop people illegally crossing the border.

Trump responded by saying “only in the Panhandle you can get away with that statement.”

CNN New Day anchor John Berman compared the clip from Trump’s Wednesday rally to a moment on the HBO comedy dealing with the character of Jonah Ryan (played by actor Timothy Simons), who is running for president in the currently-airing final season.

In the scene, Jonah Ryan blames disease outbreaks on immigrants during a campaign rally, prompting an audience member to shout, “Kill them!”

The Ryan character briefly agrees before awkwardly backpedaling by adding “Well, we don’t have to kill all of them. I mean there are some good immigrants … Beyoncé.”

“There is almost no discernible difference between the events,” Berman said, commenting on the similarity between the satirical comedy and the Wednesday night rally.

“These moments just show that the president doesn’t have much regard for the institution,” CNN’s David Gregory commented, noting Trump didn’t try to tamp down the violent comment from a supporter.


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