This Exists: Trump Mocks Joe Biden With ‘How to Spot a Zombie’ Campaign Ad


This is a real thing.

The Trump campaign has released a new advertisement that aims to make fun of former Vice President Joe Biden by comparing him to a “zombie.” Yes, you read that correctly.

The ad is titled “How to Spot a Zombie,” which the Trump campaign says will air during zombie TV shows Fear the Walking Dead,  and The Walking Dead: World Beyond, appears to be a joke to run the week before Halloween and mocks the former vice president’s appearance.

“Here’s how you can spot a zombie,” the spot opens with 5-bit graphics and cheesy 80s theme music. “Look for someone with a corpse-like appearance, exhibits aggressive behavior, craves human flesh, and utters incoherent moans and groans.” Viewers predictably see and hear the unflattering Biden moments before the 15-second spot concludes with “With your help, we can prevent the zombie uprising.”

Yes, this ad is meant to be funny in an ironically detached manner. But given that many QAnon conspiracy followers genuinely believe that Democratic leaders are part of a secret cabal of satanic and cannibalistic pedophiles, there is certain to be some viewers of this video that somehow take it earnestly.

Clearly, the goal of the spot is to ridicule Biden’s age, among other things. But really … zombies? Come on, man.

Watch above via YouTube.


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