Trump Again Calls for Outing Whistleblower’s Identity: ‘Total Impeachment Scam!

Trump freaks out everyone on Twitter with aggressive remarks about Turkey

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President Donald Trump opened the week with a Monday morning set of tweets that renewed his call for outing the Whistleblower that is at the center of the impeachment inquiry currently posing an existential threat to his presidency.

Congress passed the Whistleblower Protection Act in 1989 to “strengthen and improve protection for the rights of federal employees, to prevent reprisals, and to help eliminate wrongdoing within the Government.” The idea behind it is that, only through anonymity, can a true whistleblower feel comfortable coming forward to report on alleged malfeasance without the threat of any repercussions.

But Trump and his supporters don’t see it that way. They only see the Whistleblower as a political puppet used by Rep. Adam Schiff designed to undermine Trump administration. Or so Trump suggested in the following tweets:

Trump’s tweets about outing the identity of the Whistleblower may be seen as a craven effort to bring this particular scandal back into the news cycle, as most Monday morning cable news programming is focused on the harsh and bipartisan criticism Trump is receiving after weekend reports of atrocities as a result of Trump’s decision to remove U.S. military support from Kurdish forces in Northern Syria.

As many on Twitter have pointed out, Trump’s claims do not bear out to be true. To wit:

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