comScore Trump Asked Why 'Well-Connected' Go to 'Front of the Line' For Coronavirus Tests

Trump Asked Why ‘Well-Connected’ Celebrities Are Getting Coronavirus Tests Quickly: ‘Perhaps That’s Been the Story of Life’

President Donald Trump was asked by a reporter whether the “well-connected” like professional athletes get to “go to the front of the line” for coronavirus testing, Wednesday, following a wave of celebrities revealing that they’ve been tested for the virus while others have been unable to.

“How are non-symptomatic professional athletes getting tests while others are waiting in line and can’t get them?” asked NBC’s Peter Alexander during a White House press conference. “Do the well-connected go to the front of the line?”

“Well, you’d have to ask them that question,” President Trump replied, before the reporter questioned, “Should that happen?”

“No, I wouldn’t say so but perhaps that’s been the story of life,” Trump proclaimed. “That does happen on occasion, and I’ve noticed where some people have been tested fairly quickly.”

“Look, we inherited a very obsolete system. This is a system that was out of date, obsolete, or it was a system that was never meant to take care of the kind of quantity, the number of people that we’re talking about. Millions and millions of people,” he continued. “If you go back in years past, like even recently with the flu, nobody had tests before. They didn’t test the entire nation to see whether or not they had flu. They got the flu, they got better. Hopefully, they got better, that was it. Now, all of a sudden they do this very complex testing.”

President Trump claimed, “What we’ve done is we’ve broken it down, we’ve broken up the system, but it was obsolete, and-or you could say it was also a system that just wasn’t meant to handle the kind of volume that you’re talking about. We’ve rebuilt it into a system that for the future will be a very good system, if you want to go this route.”

“This was never done before, and I would imagine it will be done in the future, but we’ve built it into a very good system by using private companies, the great private companies, and I have to say Roche has been doing a very good job. They are doing a lot of work, a very good job,” he concluded. “But this was an obsolete system. This was not a system that was meant to do anything like this or even near this.”

A number of celebrities, athletes, politicians, and well-connected family members have announced their coronavirus test results over the past few weeks, while other Americans have reported lengthy struggles in an attempt to get testing despite symptoms.

On Friday, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan claimed on MSNBC that they have “moved on from testing” Americans for the coronavirus and are instead focusing on “mitigation,” because soon “hospitals will be overwhelmed and unable to do the tests.”

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