Trump, Fox’s Bartiromo Seethe Over ‘Treason,’ The ‘Coup Against You’ In Off the Rails Interview


After President Donald Trump railed against his 2020 rivals and mail-in voting, he and Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo careened into a wild, eight minute shared diatribe over the “treason” committed against him.

As Trump claimed he’s pulling the economy out of the depression that the coronavirus pandemic brought about, Bartiromo started to gush “even in the face of all of this, you’ve gotten so much done.” The Fox host then listed off numerous elements of political opposition Trump faced in his first term, then she came up with the softball question: “What was most difficult and most surprising for you in this last three-and-a-half years?”

From there, Trump went off against the “phony, fake impeachment” before bragging about his performance and saying “Ronald Reagan couldn’t get it done.”

“There was still a coup against you,” Bartiromo interjected. “There was still a coup against you is my point. Where is John Durham, Mr. President? We know there was criminality!”

This was in reference to Durham’s ongoing review on the legalities of the 2016 Trump-Russia investigation. Durham and Attorney General William Barr have taken issue with Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz‘s findings that the FBI took improper action during their investigation, but it was not corrupted by political bias.

Trump was unchallenged as he went on a monologue assailing the Obama administration and the intelligence community who scrutinized his campaign’s connection to Russia’s election interference.

They spied on my campaign, which is treason. They spied before and after I won. Think of that. Using intelligence apparatus of the United States to take down a president, a legally elected president, a duly elected president of the United States. It’s the single biggest political crime in the history of our country, and I hope they are doing their job. I hope they are not going to be politically correct and say ‘let’s get the lower guys that forged the documents going into FISA. Let’s just get a couple of the lower guys’… Bill Barr can go down as greatest attorney general in the history of our country, or he can go down as just an average guy. it depends on what is going to happen.

Bartiromo responded to this by predicting that “if you do not win in November, we are not going to hear another word” about the alleged illegal action taken against Trump. The president leapt off of that to say that “probably” would be the case, “but we caught them,” and he dismissed the need for another special counsel investigation.

It went on with Trump and Bartiromo pairing off on each other to rip on Robert Mueller and “the greatest witch hunt ever,” and FBI Director Chris Wray (who Trump appointed).

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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