Trump Rails Against Mueller in Lengthy Hannity Interview: I Could’ve Fired Him, ‘I Could’ve Fired Anybody’


President Donald Trump went on a lengthy tear about the “Russia hoax” on Sean Hannity‘s show Wednesday night and repeatedly blasted Robert Mueller and his investigation and investigators.

Hannity told the president he was “a little shocked” that McGahn spoke to Mueller’s office for so many hours, saying, “Why would you allow that?”

“I let everybody testify,” Trump said. “I wanted to be totally open because I knew there was nothing there. There was nothing there, nothing at all.”

He went on to rail against alleged Mueller conflicts over a “business dispute,” blasting both James Comey and Andrew McCabe.

“Bob Mueller was great friends with Comey, right there there’s a conflict,” the president said, before continuing, “I had nothing to do with Russia, I love our country. By doing this, I’ve sacrificed a lot. I had a simple life, a great company, everything was great. I’ve made a tremendous difference. So many people come up to me and they say thank you for saving our country. And I used to take it with a grain of salt, but they say it and they mean it.”

At one point Hannity told Trump he had the authority to fire Mueller. Trump said, “I could’ve fired Mueller for conflicts, I could’ve fired anybody, but I didn’t want to do it because they said let it play out, it’s a hoax. It’s a disgrace.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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