comScore Trump Ripped For Congratulations AMERICA Tweet Amid Pandemic

Trump Ripped Over ‘Congratulations AMERICA!’ Tweet Amid Coronavirus Pandemic: ‘People Are Dying’

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Critics rolled their eyes at how President Donald Trump got on Twitter Wednesday night to celebrate the Senate’s unanimous passing of $2 trillion stimulus package to provide economic relief from the coronavirus.

“96-0 in the United States Senate. Congratulations AMERICA!” Trump proclaimed.

While there is ongoing debate about whether the package will do more to help corporations and businesses rather than individual Americans, the hope is that Congress’ bailout will lessen the financial hardships caused by the pandemic. Even though the Dow Jones Industrial Average had a major jump this week as Trump pushed for a quick return to economic normalcy, America is still embroiled in a crisis that brought the country to a grinding halt, caused mass unemployment, and resulted in the health care system being pushed to the brink while thousands of people contend with a lethal disease.

As such, critics found it tone-deaf for Trump to be celebrating on Twitter when the crisis is far from over.

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