Trump Says Military Leaders’ Regret for Bible Photo-Op is Insignificant: ‘Fine’ If They Feel That Way


President Donald Trump revealed to Fox News Harris Faulkner that he did not find significant the push back and regret from military leadership he has received for their participation in a photo op in which peaceful protestors were cleared from Lafayette Park with tear gas so he could pose with a bible in front of historic St. John’s Church.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Chairman for Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley each very publicly expressed regret for participating in what has largely been deemed a purely political event, crossing a line that military personnel should never cross.

Faulkner brought this up to the president, noting how General Milley had apologized, “having been there on the Lafayette Square with you for the picture, the infamous picture as you walked to the church and held the bible.”  President Trump interjected ” I think it was a beautiful picture. I’ll tell you, I think Christians think it was a beautiful picture.”

Faulkner followed with “but why do you think you’re hearing from General Milley, from Secretary of Defense Esper, and not why you think you are, but do you think it’s significant?”

Trump replied “No, I don’t think so. I mean, if that’s the way they feel, I think that’s fine.” He then followed by touching his “good relationships with the military,” and claimed that he has “rebuilt our military.”

Trump then went on bragging about his claims of saving the military, to which Faulkner eventually mentioned Space Force, adding “I covered it when you showed us the flag.”

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