Trump Uses Coronavirus Pandemic to Attack Schumer: He is ‘Just Not Good for Our Country’


President Donald Trump brought up the coronavirus pandemic in opening remarks of his press conference in India Tuesday, and used it as a political cudgel against his domestic rivals, namely Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Trump painted a notably optimistic vision of the deadly virus, saying that it “is very well under control in our country,” before explaining that “we have very few people with it and the people that have it in all cases  I have heard nothing.” He conceded that he hasn’t been seeing much news because his trip to India has been “all-encompassing.”

He followed by noting how much “brain power” has been put into researching the dangerous virus, adding that he’s put “two and a half-billion dollars,” ostensibly into fighting the looming pandemic. But Trump then pivoted to the New York senator, noting, “I see that Chuck Schumer criticized that he thought it should be more. And if I gave more, he would say it should be less. Automatic.”

“These characters, they are just not good for our country. I gave more he would say it should be less. That’s what they do. In the meantime, that’s all they can do. They are not getting anything done.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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