Chuck Schumer

Jimmy Kimmel Reportedly Consulted With Chuck Schumer on Health Care Specifics

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Praise John McCain for ‘Courage’ on Graham-Cassidy

Trump’s Anger Over Story That GOP Doesn’t Fear Him Reportedly Moved Him to Deal With Dems

Hot Mic Catches Schumer Bragging About Trump Bromance: ‘He Likes Us! He Likes Me, Anyway’

Twitter Blows Up After Chuck and Nancy Announce DACA Deal That Won’t Include Border Wall

Trump Was So Happy With Coverage of Dem Debt Deal He Called Pelosi and Schumer to Gush

Trump Siding With Dems on Debt Ceiling Is Natural Response to GOP Botching Obamacare Repeal

Oops: Fox News Ticker Calls Chuck Schumer ‘Senate Majority Leader’

Trevor Noah on Trump’s Deal With Dems: ‘If Paul Ryan Had Balls, That’s Where He Would’ve Kicked Him’

Schumer Gives Trump ‘Credit’ On Debt Limit Deal: ‘He Went With the Better Argument’

McConnell on Debt Limit Deal: ‘The President Agreed With Sen. Schumer and Congresswoman Pelosi’

GOP Sen. Sasse: ‘The Pelosi-Schumer-Trump Deal Is Bad’

Trump on DACA: ‘Chuck and Nancy Would Like to See Something Happen, and So Do I’

Under Pressure, Pelosi Finally Condemns Antifa…What Took Her So Long?

Schumer Blasts Trump for Threatening to ‘Sabotage’ Obamacare: ‘Not What a President Does’

Great News GOP — Hillary Book Doubles-Down on Russia, Comey Excuses for Loss

Trevor Noah Mocks Dems’ Losing Streak: ‘By Next Year, San Francisco Will Have Elected Mayor Hannity’

Jake Tapper to Chuck Schumer: Are Democrats Now ’Making the Same Mistakes’ Hillary Did?

Schumer to Hillary: ‘Blame Yourself’ for Losing to Trump Instead of Comey and Russia

Trump on Twitter: ‘Drain the Swamp Should be Changed to Drain the Sewer’

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