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Chuck Schumer

Bernie Sanders Defends Sarah Sanders: People Have a Right To Go to a Restaurant for Dinner

Women’s March Organizer Linda Sarsour Invokes MLK to Bash Civility and Chuck Schumer

Schumer Condemns Maxine Waters in Stern Senate Floor Speech: Calling For Harassment is ‘Not American’

Chuck Schumer: House Republicans Secretly Tell Me Devin Nunes is ‘Off the Deep End’

Trump Throws Chuck Schumer a Shoutout on China Trade Talks: We ‘Have Long Agreed’

Chuck Schumer Invokes Melania to Troll Trump’s Latest Tweet Bashing Him Over Iran Deal

Fox News’ Earhardt: Chuck Schumer Opposing Iran Deal Withdrawal After Voting Against It Is ‘Un-American’

Chuck Schumer Slams Gingrich For Comparing FBI to Nazi Secret Police: Don’t ‘Ever Ever Try to Equate the Two’

Chuck Schumer Issues Stern Senate Floor Warning to Trump: ‘Don’t Even Think About’ Firing Mueller

Orrin Hatch Trolls Chuck Schumer Over Net Neutrality Appeal: ‘How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?’

Watch Mitch McConnell Roast Chuck Schumer Over Gift: ‘There’s No Such Thing as Brooklyn Bourbon’

Kimmel: Instead of The Wall, Let’s Give Trump $5B So He Can ‘Shut Up and Go Back to Florida’

Trump Slams ‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer’ Again After ‘His Humiliating Defeat’ on Shutdown

Chuck Schumer Responds to Post-Shutdown Liberal ‘Anger’: ‘We’ve Advanced the Cause’

Chuck Schumer Revokes Deal to Allocate Funding for Trump’s Border Wall

Sarah Sanders Dismisses Schumer’s Criticism of Trump’s Negotiating Skills: What POTUS Did ‘Clearly Worked’

Twitter Rips Schumer, Dems for Caving on Deal to End Shutdown: Worse ‘Negotiator… Than Trump’

GOP Senator After Directly Blaming Schumer For Shutdown: ‘This Isn’t About Finger-Pointing’

Chuck Schumer: ‘Negotiating With President Trump Is Like Negotiating With Jello’

Can We All Agree That Everyone Involved in This Government Shutdown Is a Hypocrite?

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