Trump Wants to ‘Get People Higher’ Than Minimum Wage of $15: ‘That’s a Very Low Number’


The Democratic presidential primary field has no shortage of candidates who have come out in favor of a $15 minimum wage. But their potential foe in the general election, perhaps surprisingly, thinks a $15 minimum might not go far enough.

Appearing on Telemundo, President Donald Trump suggested he might be in favor of a federal minimum wage which is even higher than the $15 amount proposed by many progressives.

“That’s a very low number, the $15,” Trump said. “And I am actually looking at that…I am looking at that.”

The $15 proposed minimum wage is a number conjured up out of thin air, as far as Trump is concerned. And the president went on to say he’s looking at raising the figure north of that.

“That’s just an artificial number,” Trump said. He added, “I’d like to get people higher than that.”

Watch above, via Telemundo. (The relevant portion begins at the 14:30 mark.)

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