Twitter Collectively Loses Its Mind Over Trump’s Insane Interview With Axios: ‘I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS REAL!!’


Axios released Jonathan Swan’s full interview with President Donald Trump on Monday night, and political audiences were completely blown away by the many stunning moments it provided.

During the interview, Trump defended his well wishes to Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, attacked John Lewis, stood by his decision to hold campaign rallies, and went into bizarre defenses of his leadership throughout the coronavirus pandemic. That was only a fraction of the 37 minute interview, and the list of wild, strange moments went on and on.

As audiences digested the interview all the the way into Tuesday morning, many observers praised Swan’s handling of Trump since he honed in on the facts and successfully pressed the president over his statements and claims:

By and large, however, many viewers were horrified as they watched Trump shower praise on himself, deny any shortcomings, squirm through follow-up questions, and make every possible effort to spin the data on coronavirus testing and the pandemic’s impact:

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