WATCH: Trump Tells Lesley Stahl He’s Not OK With Tough Questions


President Donald Trump made good on his promise to undermine CBS’s ratings win by releasing the full video he conducted earlier this week with Lesly Stahl.

The video opens with Stahl asking the commander in chief, “are you ready for tough questions?” Trump replied, “you’re going to be fair.” After the CBS news anchor echoed that comment, Trump said, “just be fair.”

“But last time I remember you saying to me ‘bring it on, bring it on,” Stahl reminded him, to which Trump said, “I’m not looking for that, I’m looking for fairness, that’s all.”

“You will get fairness,” Stahl insisted, adding, “You’re okay with some tough questions.”

“No, I’m not,” Trump replied, saying to his interviewer, “You don’t ask Biden tough questions,” and so it went. An interview apparently getting off on the wrong foot.

In the final minutes of the interview, President Trump appears to get frustrated with Stahl’s questioning, returning to the beginning when the 60 Minutes anchor opened by saying she was going to ask “tough questions.” Trump then claimed to have seen the 60 Minutes interview with Joe Biden, which he used as evidence for unfair treatment, calling questions the former Vice President received were “softballs.”

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