We Report You Decide: Did Trump’s Dentures Almost Fall Out During His Big Israel Speech?

President Donald Trump just made remarks clarifying the White House’s position on Israel, officially recognizing Jerusalem as the country’s capital and pledging to move America’s embassy from Tel Aviv to the Holy City in the near future.

This was an important and controversial move, with long-lasting implications on the geopolitical stage.

But, uh, what the heck was going on with Trump’s speech pattern? He began seemingly slurring his words toward the end of his remarks. In particular at the very end, it was quite noticeable.

Was he on drugs? Was he drunk on Big Macs? Tired? Did he just really miss Twitter?

It looks like the answer is none of these things. A close Mediaite examination of the video led us to the most likely conclusion: the President’s dentures were slipping out of his mouth, subtly loosening, thus causing the change in speech pattern.

This cannot be confirmed but, Trump is 71 years old, so it makes a fair amount of sense that he would wear dentures. He isn’t known, after all, for having the best eating habits around.

Folks on Twitter were quick to notice the irregularity, first wondering what was going on with Trump and then sharing the couch-dentist diagnosis that his dentures were likely slipping out of his mouth:

So, long-live #SlurGate, a case that was opened and closed within five minutes. Trump is a known tea totaler, or soda totaler, so the idea that he was high on drugs while delivering an important speech was always extremely unlikely.

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