Alan Dershowitz Warns Mueller Not to ‘Commit the Same Sin’ with Trump That Comey Committed with Hillary


Attorney and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz warned Special Counsel Robert Mueller not to sabotage himself after releasing his Trump-Russia findings by engaging in public opinion the way former FBI Director James Comey did after choosing not to prosecute former State Secretary Hillary Clinton.

“My question is will the Mueller report pass the Comey test? Remember, the Comey test is when you decide not to indict somebody, you don’t then say ‘oh my God, but she engaged in extreme carelessness,'” said Dershowitz, regarding Comey’s decision to criticize Clinton even after choosing not to prosecute her. “Everybody condemned him for that. So will the Mueller report commit the same sin?”

Comey was fired for his handling of Clinton’s case, calling her actions careless even after concluding that he won’t indict her. Dershowitz warned Mueller not to similarly get caught in mulling over the findings of his own report on Trump even after coming to a conclusion.

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer challenged Dershowitz as to whether he thinks all questioning over the Mueller probe should be ceased because a conclusion was reached. Dershowitz said regardless of the views of others, prosecutors shouldn’t be in the business of public opinions.

“I think that the function of the report is not to give political benefits to either side,” he said, likewise criticizing Attorney General William Barr for saying Trump will not be vindicated but is not exonerated either. He continued, “I don’t think prosecutors should be expressing views on people that they decided there was insufficient evidence to indict.”

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