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Alpha Bro Behind Wolf of Wall Street Blows Up, Storms Out of Interview

Jordan Belfort may not have changed much from the wild, corrupt banker he inspired in The Wolf of Wall Street, but he is still not good at making decisions — like in this recent video from the Australian version of 60 Minutes, in which he blows up and storms out of an interview when asked if he was hiding his income.

After being peppered with questions about repaying the victims of his fraud, and dodging most of them with “I’ve had enough about this,” Belfort finally lashed out at reporter Liz Hayes when she asked if a deal with his management company was an attempt to hide his income.

In true Wall Street alpha-bro behavior, Belfort tore his microphone off and left in a huff. “You’ve got a lot of nerve, boy!” he shouted. “I was told this would be a friendly, nice interview. No one has ever treated me as disrespectfully as you have, really!”

Eventually, Hayes recounted, Belfort realized that he probably didn’t look very good and came back, with a non-apology apology. “I’m afraid my encounter with Jordan Belfort wasn’t one where I went away thinking, ‘Well, there’s a charming man,'” Hayes said dryly.

Watch below via 60 Minutes Australia:

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