Ana Navarro Tears Into Trump: ‘Doesn’t Have the Spine or Guts To Call Out White Supremacists’


Things got pretty heated during a CNN segment this afternoon following President Donald Trump’s public comments in which he condemned the violence “on many sides” at a Charlottesville rally. Considering that the event was a white nationalist rally, and it was counter-protesters who were the victims of a deliberate car crash, many felt that the president’s statement represented “awful false equivalence.”

Political commentator Ana Navarro obviously felt that was indeed the case and absolutely shredded Trump for his morally ambiguous remarks. And in doing so, she also got into it with conservative commentator Ben Ferguson, who defended Trump comments.

“This speech today was shameful,” she exclaimed. “Here is the bottom line. This was not many sides. This is one side. It is white supremacists trying to instill terror in America.”

When Ferguson tried to interject, Navarro stopped him, telling him she had let him have his say, before then taking issue with the president giving white supremacists a pass.

“Ben, let me tell you something, he’s more than capable of calling out his own attorney general and Mitch McConnell but he doesn’t have the spine or the guts to call out the white supremacists in America today and I’m not going to defend that,” she passionately declared.

Navarro and Ferguson then went at it for a couple of more minutes, with Ferguson stating that Trump did condemn the vehicular attack and Navarro countering that he was sending a “dog whistle” to his base by playing the “many sides” card.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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