Anderson Cooper Grills Katrina Pierson on New Trump Ad: ‘I Don’t Understand Why You Have to Lie All the Time’


On Friday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper sat down with Trump campaign 2020 Senior Advisor Katrina Pierson to discuss President Donald Trump’s recent ad. The segment exploded fast.

The topic of the day was this controversial ad sent out to Trump’s Twitter followers:

Asked for her defense of the ad, Pierson kicked it off noting both Republicans and Democrats in past administrations were to blame for the immigration policies.

“You want to focus on this one individual who is an extreme version of what is a possibility that can continue to happen under the current policies that we have due to the failures of previous administrations, Republicans and Democrats,” Pierson told Cooper.

Cooper then noted that is not what the ad says. Instead, he stressed, the ad only blames Democrats which is “factually incorrect.”

Pierson then replied it is “absolutely” the fault of the Democrats, repeating that indeed, in the past Republicans and Democrats were to blame.

“I hear what you are saying now,” Cooper said before repeating that is not what the ad says because the ad only blames Democrats.

Then finally after some crosstalk, Cooper told Pierson, “You just acknowledged your ad is false.”

It just got more contentious from there with Cooper accusing Pierson of evading and Pierson insisting she was right.

“Let me just ask specifically as I have been trying to do,” Cooper said at one point. “You said Democrats allowed him in and Democrats allowed him to stay. He was deported under Democrats, and he was also deported under a Republican. Your ad could just as easily say Republicans allowed him in, Republicans allowed him to stay. Or you can say Democrats and Republican administrations allowed him and Democrats and Republicans administrations allowed him to stay. That wouldn’t really be accurate — he fell through the cracks. But that’s not what the ad says. So your ad is misleading, yes?”

Pierson disagreed that the ad was misleading and instead said it was “relevant” for today’s purposes.

Cooper said that doesn’t make sense.

Then the CNN host added that both Republicans and Democrats were in Congress at the time the killer was deported and reentered the country and “all this time they have failed to come up with any kind of comprehensive plan on immigration.”

Pressing his point further, he told Pierson: “You could just as easily argue that [Congressional inaction]  allowed this guy to stay in the country. That would be closer to the truth than your ad, which is just lying. And I don’t understand why you have to lie all the time.”

“It is not lying, Anderson,” Pierson said as the debate — and the crosstalk — continued on.

Watch above, via CNN

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