Anderson Cooper Presses Jay Sekulow on Whether Trump Knew About Don Jr. Meeting


Anderson Cooper tonight faced off with Jay Sekulow, a member of President Trump‘s legal team, over the continued revelations about the Don Jr. meeting and new reporting today about at least eight people being in the room.

Cooper first pressed Sekulow on whether the President’s son was transparent before getting to the question of how much the President himself knew before this week.

Sekulow reiterated that Trump “recently became aware,” but Cooper asked him if the President knew “prior to today” about there being more people in the room.

Sekulow said that the then-presidential candidate’s son didn’t mention the meeting to him, noting just how many meetings happen during such campaigns.

Cooper followed up by saying this:

“When I read those e-mails from Donald Trump Jr. and the exchange, to me one of the things that stands out is he’s being told apparently for the first time––but he doesn’t sound like he is all that surprised by it––that the Russian government is backing his father. Now I know you say nothing came out of the meeting. Donald Trump Jr. says that. So does the Russian attorney. But in that email, that’s pretty big information that the Russian government is backing your father. Are you––can you say with 100 percent certainty that the candidate Donald Trump either prior to the meeting taking place after this e-mail was received or after the meeting took place was never informed by Donald Trump Jr. or Paul Manafort or Kushner or somebody in that room that ‘Oh, you know what? The Russian government may be backing your campaign?’ Because that seems like a pretty big headline for a son to not tell his father.”

Sekulow again referred to Trump Jr.’s statement on how he had not informed his father of the meeting, saying again it was one meeting he took that “went nowhere.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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