Anderson Cooper: Trump Keeps Just ‘Making Stuff Up’ in Fight Over Wall


Anderson Cooper opened Monday night’s AC360 by calling out President Donald Trump and his administration for “disingenuous” claims made in the ongoing border security fight.

“It’s not our job to argue for our against walls or shutdowns or anything that one party or another wants. It’s up to elected officials,” Cooper said. “What is our job is to point out when officials are making their case disingenuously or dishonestly, when they’re making stuff up essentially. And sadly, yet again, that’s what the President seems to be doing.”

He first brought up Trump’s claim about former presidents talking to him and agreeing with him on this issue, bringing up the denials from those former presidents.

As he went down the list, he brought up Chris Wallace fact-checking Sarah Huckabee Sanders‘ border terror claims and said at one point, “Now, I don’t say this often, but I will ll let my Fox News colleague take this for a minute because his facts are correct.”

Cooper concluded:

“Now, you can make the case that even one suspected terrorist is too many, but the president is not arguing on that basis. He’s not trying to persuade Americans to face a threat that actually exists, because according to the government’s own statistics, the threat comes in many places that have nothing to do with the southern border. The president is asking Americans to sign on to potentially extreme measure from the shutdown to a possible state of emergency on less than honest pretenses.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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