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Andrea Mitchell Agrees Bernie Dropping Out is Trump’s ‘Worst Nightmare’: ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ for Trump

Minutes after Bernie Sanders ended his presidential campaign and made Joe Biden the presumptive nominee, former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina called the move President Donald Trump’s “worst nightmare,” and MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell agreed, calling it a “worst-case scenario” for Trump.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Vermont senator ended his campaign, clearing the way for Biden to face Trump in November.

On MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Messina reacted by saying “On President Trump, this is his worst nightmare, right? The Ukraine stuff, everything else he’s been doing for the past year and a half trying to make sure Joe Biden is not his opponent, and this morning it is clear Joe Biden will be his opponent, which is the best case scenario for the Democrats.”

He added that Sanders dropping out “allows the two big powers in the Democratic party, Barack and in some ways as importantly Michelle Obama, to come off the sidelines and get involved.”

Messina went on to say that “Joe Biden will do a Joe Biden has always done in these moments right? He will sit back and he’ll be very classy, he will congratulate people, and he will unite the base.”

“I think Bernie’s language was really important today, when he said united we stand together to defeat Donald Trump, there will be no replay of 2016,” Messina said.

Mitchell then agreed with Messina, telling panelist and NY Times reporter Peter Baker that “As Jim Messina just pointed out, this is the worst case scenario for President Trump,” but then added that Trump “does have a megaphone and a platform here with these daily briefings, which no matter how badly the administration is being criticized, as much as they’ve been criticized for the way they led into this pandemic and didn’t properly heed the intelligence and all the other calls, Peter, he still is getting a lot of traction and shutting out, certainly shutting out Joe Biden and his campaign efforts since Super Tuesday.”

Sanders stopped short of endorsing Biden during his concession, but as Messina said, did promise to work with Biden to defeat Trump.

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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