Jim Messina

Former Obama Campaign Manager: Why Did Elizabeth Warren Release DNA Test Now, This Close to Midterms?

Former Obama Campaign Manager on Morning Joe: ‘All Public Pollsters Should Be Shot’

Ex-Obama Campaign Manager: ‘Not a Chance’ Sanders Fans Flock to Trump

DC Elite, ‘Speaker Pelosi’ Turn Out for Debbie Wasserman Schultz Book Launch Party

HuffPost Investigates Alan Grayson’s Claim: Is the Tea Party Just Like the KKK?

Video: Debbie Wasserman Schultz and OFA’s Jim Messina on Midterms, Alan Grayson Burning Cross Email

Obama Adviser Grilled On WH Selling Access To Donors On CBS: ‘Isn’t This Exactly A Double Standard?’

Obama Campaign Manager: We Were More Concerned About Huntsman As GOP Nominee Than Romney

Obama Camp Scales Back Demand For Romney’s Tax Returns From 10 To 5 Years, Romney Camp Responds

Update: Vice President Biden Calls To Congratulate ‘Radical’ VP Selection Paul Ryan

Romney Spokesman: Obama Advisor Broke The Law By Using Private Email Account To Conduct Official Business

Jimmy Kimmel Runs Hilarious Fake Ad For The ‘Obama Event Registry’

David Sirota Smears Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina With Old Gay-Bait

Democratic Senator’s Anti-Gay Ad Finds Renewed Controversy

Oops? Obama Wins Poll On Republican Latino Outreach Site

Bush Campaign Adviser On Anna Wintour’s Suggestions For Obama: ‘Great Idea: How To Lose An Election’

Obama’s Electoral Position Not As Strong As His Campaign Manager Asserts In Latest Video

Snarky ‘Chimichanga’ Tweet By Obama Official Erupts Into Controversy

President Obama’s Reelection Campaign Announces $68 Million 4th Quarter

President Obama Raises More Than $70 Million In Third Quarter

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