Anthony Scaramucci on Retracted CNN Report: ‘Definitely Frustrating’ But They ‘Moved Pretty Quickly’


Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci spoke to Fox News’ Howard Kurtz this morning a week after CNN retracted a Russia report linking him to the Senate’s Russia probe and apologized.

Three CNN employees resigned over the report, and Scarmucci said the whole thing was “definitely frustrating” and “a little unfair.”

Kurtz reacted by asking, “A little unfair?”

Scaramucci said once he started making calls to people at CNN, they “moved pretty quickly” and he was “satisfied” with how they took it down. He did accept the network’s apology at the time and told Kurtz he does have some empathy for people in the journalism business.

Kurtz had Scaramucci directly answer a few Russia questions, including whether he has ever done business with Russia. Scaramucci said, “I haven’t.” He said he was in Russia when he was 21 on a field trip, but that he’s had “no Russian clients, no interaction with Russia ever.”

As for the reporting that he had threatened legal action against CNN, Scaramucci said a few days ago that it was “overblown,” but told Kurtz he made it clear to CNN in his conversations that what they did was “defamatory”:

“It wasn’t until it became clear to me that there was still some uncertainty inside their organization about what the facts were that I had to make another follow-up phone call and I said, ‘Okay, guys, listen. I’m not under investigation, I’ve done nothing wrong. I sort of feel like you guys have to clear this up, and if you don’t clear it up, then of course I have to take action to protect myself and my reputation.'”

He also spoke to Kurtz about the “existential crisis” the media at large is dealing with as a result of Donald Trump being the President of the United States.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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