Anthony Weiner Nominates Himself to Replace Bob Beckel on The Five


Anthony Weiner just had a great idea. With Bob Beckel officially off The Five, Fox News’ popular afternoon show is on the lookout for a new token liberal. Who better than Weiner to fill that slot?

The former congressman-turned-punchline was most likely joking. But there is no doubt that if Fox takes him seriously, he would be a more entertaining option than pundits like Juan Williams and Julie Roginsky who have been filling in for Beckel over the last several months. Weiner’s even more fun to watch than Geraldo Rivera.

He’s been boning up — so to speak — on his political media analysis skills over on CNN and has shown a willingness to go head-to-head on-air with prominent Fox personalities like Megyn Kelly.

As we learned last fall, Weiner and The Five co-host Eric Bolling don’t exactly get along, but then again, Bolling and Beckel never seemed to have a very cozy relationship either.

Appearing on Fox Business Network with Don Imus last month, Weiner had little in the way of kind words to say about the Fox empire. “As soon as you have Fox Business in your rearview mirror, the better off you’ll be,” Weiner told the outgoing Imus. On Fox’s Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes he added, “He is a brilliant guy who created an amazing propaganda machine that you should not be part of.”

But if someone asked Weiner to fight that “propaganda machine” from the inside, would he really be able to say no at this point?

Watch video below, via FBN:

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