April Ryan Says White House Phoned Her After She Called For Sarah Sanders’ Ouster: They’re ‘Very Concerned’


White House correspondent and CNN political analyst April Ryan slammed White House press secretary Sarah Sanders for trying to backtrack after the Mueller report revealed she had lied to the press.

Sanders admitted to the Special Counsel that her claim that the rank and file had lost confidence in James Comey was not based on fact.

However, as CNN’s Erin Burnett noted, as of Friday, Sanders was back to defending her initial remark.

“I said it was in in the heat of the moment meaning it wasn’t a scripted thing,” Sanders was heard saying in the clip played by Burnett. “It was something that I said and which is why that one word has become a big deal. But the big take away here is that the sentiment is 100% accurate.”

“She admitted April to the special counsel that she hadn’t talked to anybody,” Burnett said. “When she said it she made it up. She admitted that. But now she is saying it’s 100% accurate. What do you make of the explanation?”

Ryan responded by noting the White House seems “very concerned.”

“I got a call today because you know as I said I called her a liar,” Ryan explained. “And the White House tried to explain to me what it was. ”

She continued on: “A lie is a lie is a lie. She calls us fake news. she is a fake press secretary who is disseminating lies. She embellished at the very least.”

Then driving her point home, she added: “She lied to the press who in turn delivered that information to the American public. It’s not about us. It’s about the American public. From that sacred podium to give this information that’s wrongful, to — people are not going to be able to trust her or even this administration, it’s even bigger than Sarah at this point. It’s now the president. It’s now his minions Can you trust? And the answer is no. ”

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