AWE INSPIRING: Candace Owens Successfully Avoids Defending Hitler During CPAC Speech


Fresh off her recent Third Reich-comments controversy, Turning Point USA communications director Candace Owens successfully avoided the topic of Adolf Hitler during her speech at CPAC on Friday morning.

Instead, the conservative pundit — who rose to fame by appearing on Infowars and riding the coattails of a tweet from Kanye West — spent much of her time in front of the largest annual conservative gathering suggesting Democrats have a “vested interest in continuing racism.”

“What they care about is the politicking of fear, when the left results to calling me as I have read it, a racist, a sexist, a Nazi — because I really have the look going for me,” Owens said, acknowledging the criticism she received after saying at an event that Hitler’s nationalism was “fine,” but his invading of other countries was the problem.

“The words have completely lost their meaning,” she added.

Owens also gave a historically-questionable account of how Democrats have won over black voters  — à la, Dinesh D’Souza — and it all has to do with the entertainment industry.

“How on earth is it possible that the party that instituted slavery and Jim Crow laws, racial terrorism in the KKK, has the black vote? How is it possible? We gave up culture, the right gave up culture. That’s how it’s possible. That’s how the left was able to do this. We gave up culture. Over the course of the last 50 or 60 years, it seems we’ve given up influencing pop culture altogether on the right.”

She continued by suggesting Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who is a person of color, thinks “black people are stupid” and is only appealing to the community “by saying I smoked pot and I listen to hip-hop.”

“How insulting is that?” Owens said, before claiming Hillary Clinton only “offered… hot sauce as a reason to vote for her” — referencing the criticism Clinton faced for discussing hot sauce on a black radio show, despite her affinity for hot sauce and spicy foods being known for years.

“The secret [to winning over black voters] is I simply tell them the truth,” she continued. “Truth number one, America is not a racist country. The people that continue to tell us that have a vested interest in racism.”

Owens concluded by riffing about actor Jussie Smollett‘s allegedly staged hate crime, accusing Democrats of “importing Nigerians to come do racist acts in this country.”

“Jussie Smollett, right? This is MAGA country?” She asked as the crowd egged her on. “No, this is your prison cell and I hope you rot in it, Jussie.”

Watch above, via CPSAN 2.

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