How Many Historians Have Debunked Right-Wing Author Dinesh D’Souza? Dozens, Per This Massive List


Right-wing author Dinesh D’Souza’s historical work has been debunked by dozens of historians, according to a list compiled by Kevin M. Kruse.

Kruse, a historian and writer, has become known in media circles as the de facto D’Souza debunker, as he has constantly challenged the conservative pundit’s books and movies that falsely tie racist political movements throughout history to modern-day progressives.

“A few days ago, someone in my mentions suggested I put together a thread of all the *other* historians who’ve debunked @DineshDSouza on Twitter,” Kruse wrote on Twitter last night. “D’Souza likes to pretend this is some sort of personal feud between him and me, when it’s pretty much the entire historical profession lined up against him.”

Prior to posting the massive list of experts who have condemned D’Souza — who will speak in front of a right-wing youth group at Stanford University later today — Kruse noted that there is one historian who has sided with the author of The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left.

“In the interest of fairness, let me note for the record that there is *one* historian — A. James Gregor, the infamous head of a eugenics foundation created with segregationist money — who apparently likes D’Souza’s work,” Kruse tweeted.

He went on to list 52 historians who have debunked D’Souza’s writing, many of whom work for prestigious institutions, such as Yale, Dartmouth, and Cornell.

Check out a few of the historians’ responses to D’Souza below, compiled by Kruse:

The full list can be viewed here.

UPDATE: D’Souza responded to Kruse’s list on Twitter, attacking the accreditation of the historians included in the list.

Kruse responded by debunking the “oddly elitist” criticism:

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