Ben Stein: Mueller ‘Wants to Kill’ Trump’s Political Career and ‘Maybe Take Away’ His Freedom


In a fascinating and wide-ranging interview with the New York Times yesterday, President Donald Trump revealed his anger at Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia probe. The president also stated that if special counsel Robert Mueller decided to investigate his family’s finances while looking into the Russia matter, that would be a “red line” for him.

In actor and conservative commentator Ben Stein’s view, Trump will need to get rid of Mueller eventually because the former FBI director may want to toss him in jail.

Appearing on Fox Business this afternoon, Stein briefly touched on Sessions, stating that he thinks Trump wants the attorney general to quit, before declaring that the president has a “whole bunch of buzzards” coming after him.

“They want to kill him,” the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off star exclaimed. “I mean, Mr. Mueller, I’m sure he’s a fine human being in many ways, but he’s got that job because he wants to kill the political career and maybe take away the freedom of President Trump.”

When host Liz McDonald later said that Mueller has been given a broad mandate and that he can investigate any links between Russia and Trump’s campaign, Stein reiterated that Mueller wants to kill Trump’s political career.

“It’s too broad a mandate,” he noted. “It basically gives him a license to hunt and kill — not literally kill, but hunt and kill politically President Trump.”

Following Trump’s red line comments, it has been reported that Mueller is looking into Russin business transactions made by Trump, as well as ex-campaign chief Paul Manafort for potential money laundering.

Watch the clip above, via Fox Business.

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