Bernie Sanders and Fox’s Martha MacCallum Spar Over Immigration: That’s ‘Not a Real Question’


During a Fox News Town Hall on Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders sparred with co-host Martha MacCallum over immigration.

It started with McCallum asking this: “Immigration, and let’s talk a little bit about the border. The president, as you know, has said the capacity for asylum seekers that we’re full at the border in terms of housing, and it’s overflowing, a bad, untenable situation right now. He has suggested, and it’s been very controversial of the past few days, sending some of those people to sanctuary cities, which have said in the past that they have open doors for immigrants, and they have open doors for immigrants. So the overflow that we have no capacity for, where do you think they should go?”

Sanders replied by noting, “We have a problem at the border. A serious problem. Correct me if you think I’m wrong, the problem is that we are now seeing desperate people fleeing violence and misery in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala with little children walking a thousand miles.”

He then stressed that “the system is now overflowing” and more judges are needed to expedite the process.

Then after Sanders said we don’t need to “demonize immigrants,” MacCallum pressed further.

“Let me ask you to answer my question, which is right now if you were the president of the United States, we have overflowing facilities, they need to go somewhere because they’re in that asylum…” she said.

“What about building proper facilities for them right now?” Sanders snapped back.

MacCallum asked where.

Sanders replied right on the border.

“The so the people who live on the border should have more facilities in their state, but sanctuary cities which have said they are open to accepting people should not take more?” MacCallum pressed once again.

“This is a political act on the president. No, it’s not a real question,” Sanders replied as the heated debate continued on.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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