Bernie Sanders Takes a Flamethrower to Trump on MSNBC: ‘Racist … Sexist … Homophobe … Religious Bigot’


Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders lit into President Donald Trump in advance of Trump’s Florida campaign kickoff rally, calling him a “racist” who won’t tell his supporters how he “tried to throw 32 million people off of healthcare.”

On Tuesday’s edition of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, host Andrea Mitchell asked Sanders for his reaction to the possibility that Trump might live-tweet the Democratic debates.

“Well, I’m surprised that he has the time to tweet, I thought he would be watching, you know, some Fox TV program,” Sanders quipped, before really going in on Trump.

“Look, he can tweet all that he wants to tweet, but let me just say this,” Sanders said. “You have a president who, despite what one of his supporters mentioned a moment ago, is in fact a pathological liar, he is a racist, he is a sexist, he is a homophobe, and he is a religious bigot.”

Turning to Trump’s kickoff rally, Sanders called Trump a “phony,” and said, “I suspect that tonight in his speech, he will not tell them that he tried to throw a 32 million people off of healthcare, that his last budget called for a trillion and a half dollar cut over 10 years to Medicaid, massive cuts to Medicare, billions in cut to social security.”

“He told us supporters in 2016 that his tax plan would not benefit the wealthy, he lied,” Sanders continued. “Eighty-three percent of those benefits are going to go to the top 1% after 10 years.”

Mitchell asked how Sanders would “combat” messaging about the economy “and the powers of incumbency, and that he’s raised so much more money than any Democrat?”

Sanders said “It’s not just his supporters, this is very often what media does, ‘Oh the stock market is up, the economy is good,’ well, here’s a fact. That right now today the average American worker is making, in real inflation accounted dollars despite huge increases and technology and productivity, exactly the same amount of money he or she made 45 years ago. Does that sound like a good economy?”

He added that “Massive income and wealth inequality, tens of millions of families living paycheck to paycheck, those are the issues that I will talk about during this campaign, and I think goes with the issues that the average American understands are the important issues.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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