Bette Midler Offers To Buy Occupy Wall Street Protesters Porta-Potties


As the Occupy Wall Street continues to grow and refuses to depart Zuccotti Park, it seems to accumulate allies from the strangest places. The newest celebrity on the Occupy Wall Street bandwagon? Bette Midler, who told Joy Behar on her program today that she was “thrilled” to see young people “saying things that have to be said,” so much so that she offered to provide portable toilets for the occupiers.

The toilet discussion came about because of protests from the lower Manhattan community that the protesters are sullying the place up. When Behar brought the issue up, Midler suggested the families “send some down because toilets are cheap, porta-potties are cheap.” So cheap, in fact, that she offered to send them down herself– and tried to get Behar to go halfsies on the donation (Behar refused to be involved in any such plot).

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On a serious note, Midler commented that, having lived through the protests of the 1960s, which, for her generation, “was just something that you did,” it was inspiring to see young people protesting again. “The point is,” despite politics, “she argued, “that they have organized themselves and they are saying things that have to be said.” She also chided the right for being “so old school” as to call the protesters “hippies”– “fifty years have passed, get a new line than ‘dirty hippie.'”

Midler also had a few words about Texas governor Rick Perry and his recent questionable comments about President Obama’s birth certificate. “I don’t think Rick Perry is sure of where he was born!” she joked.

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The segment from tonight’s Joy Behar via CNN below:

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