Bill Clinton Responds to Backlash Over Lewinsky Interview: ‘I Got Hot Under the Collar’


Bill Clinton tried to clean up his mess last night after receiving heavy blowback for the disastrous handling of questions on Monica Lewinsky in a Today show interview.

The former president gave an interview to NBC yesterday, during which he said he doesn’t owe Lewinsky a personal apology over their infamous affair, and that his public apology from years ago was sufficient. Clinton also got visibly irritated with Craig Melvin and accused the NBC host of ignoring “gaping facts” about the scandal.

Later on, during another event on his book tour, Clinton took issue with Melvin’s questions again and said “the hubbub was I got hot under the collar because of the way the questions were asked.” He went on to say that he supports the #MeToo movement, but he stood by his comments about how a personal apology to Lewinsky is unnecessary because his public address was sincere all those years ago.

“The suggestion was that I never apologized for what caused all the trouble for me 20 years ago. First point is, I did. I meant it then, I meant it now. I apologized to my family, to Monica Lewinsky and her family and to the American people before a panel of ministers in the White House, which was widely reported. So I did that. I meant it then and I mean it today. I live with it all the time. The second is that I support the Me Too movement and think it is long overdue, and I have always tried to support it in the decisions and policies that I advanced.”

Watch above, via NBC.

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