Bill Maher GOES OFF on Liberals’ White Guilt: ‘There’s a Weird Self Loathing Going On…It’s Gotta Stop’


Bill Maher dedicated his “New Rule” segment to the awkward, self-flagellating piety of liberals decrying their white privilege: “There’s a weird self-loathing going on among white liberals, and it’s gotta stop. It’s not helping anyone.”

The comedian launched his bit by pointing to the recent outrage over racist comments by hired-then-fired-by-SNL comic Shane Gillis and the subsequent anger directed at Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang for arguing Gillis should’ve kept his job.

“That’s when the Internet did what it does best and deemed Yang a racist for not being offended,” Maher said, “because if he wasn’t offended, well, someone had to be.”

Maher went on to mention an unspecified study done last year where subjects were asked to rate their feelings toward different races, and white liberals were the only group that had more negative than positive feelings about their own racial cohort. “They want to hang out only with people who are not them. That’s like your mother preferring the neighbor’s kids,” Maher said to laughter. “Lifting up those who society has cheated or forsaken, that’s liberalism. Hating all things white is just tedious virtue signaling.”

He then pilloried a trend of white people proclaiming their embarrassment and shame about being white on Twitter, singling out the actress Rosanna Arquette for Tweeting: “I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame.”

“You think it’s hard being a black man in a white man’s world?” Maher said, before twisting the knife on Arquette’s very public self-recrimination, “try being a white woman who feels bad about you being a black man in a white man’s world.”

“You know what might be the worst part of white shame? You bore the fuck out of black people at parties,” Maher joked. “White people certainly should acknowledge they’ve had an easier go of it, but black folks are not asking whites to always be flagellating themselves. because it makes everything awkward.”

“It puts the burden on black people to absolve you,” he continued. “It’s really asking black people to, again, do something for you: ‘Forgive me!’ ‘Absolve me!’ ‘Recognize that I’m one of the good white people!’ Jesus, haven’t black people suffered enough? Slavery, Jim Crow, and now I gotta make some yuppie feel better about themselves?”

Watch the video above, via HBO.


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