Bill Maher Insults Trump’s Manhood: Doesn’t Everything About Him ‘Scream Microdick?’


Late night comedian Bill Maher took a swift hit below the belt on Saturday night when he went after President Donald Trump‘s manhood, which he suspected was quite minuscule and for the ladies, orgasmically underwhelming.

It happened during a live-taping of an HBO comedy special in Oklahoma in front of the 2,800-capacity Brady Theater crowd.

First, Maher said this: “He cannot imagine a reality that doesn’t match his perceptions…That was the most people he ever saw in one place, so it must be the most people who ever gathered anywhere! That’s why he thinks he has a big dick. It’s the biggest one he has.”

Then this: “Although honestly, doesn’t everything about this man just scream microdick? The bragging, and the buildings with my name on it! And the debates. He was talking about his dick at the debates! That guy is president. Remember that?”

Of course, Maher wasn’t done. He also accused Trump of not bringing even a single woman to her sexual pleasure peak.

“I think this is a man who has never once brought a woman to orgasm—if he even believes such a thing exists. It’s rigged! It’s rigged! The vagina has been very unfair to me! Very unfair!” Maher joked.

Watch above, via HBO

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