Brennan Speaks Out on Bomb Addressed to Him, Reacts to Trump’s Call for Unity: He Shouldn’t Be Fueling Anger


On the same day that a still unknown suspect sent a suspicious package containing a device to CNN prompting a bomb scare, former CIA Director John Brennan sounded off on President Donald Trump‘s scripted call for unity made earlier today from the White House before heading off — as previously planned — to a campaign rally.

“Well, I’m tempted to say that was said by Donald who?” Brennan said during a forum in Austin, Texas, drawing laughs and applause.  “Well, I think it’s very important for an individual who is in the Oval Office today to say exactly that. That we need to come together as a country. We need to unite. We may have differences, but this should be no reason whatsoever to resort to these types of acts of intimidation and potentially violence.”

He then added that Trump should have been saying this all along.

“I sincerely wish that Donald Trump, though, would have said these things previously and regularly,” Brennan continued. “I wish that he would have encouraged people from all different backgrounds and political affiliations to come together and to try to resolve differences in a very positive manner.”

He then stressed that “unfortunately” Trump has a hand at inciting this anger.

“Unfortunately, I think Donald Trump, too often, has helped to incite some of these feelings of anger, if not violence, when he points to acts of violence or also talks about, you know, swinging at somebody from the press or the media,” the former CIA director said. “That’s why I have spoken out so strongly, some would say very stridently, because of what I think is a continued failure on the part of Donald Trump to live up to what I think should be all of our expectations about what an American president should be doing, especially in times like this.”

During his talk, he also directly addressed being the target of the attack, telling the audience, “[If] I and others are being targeted because we’re speaking out and we’re living up to our responsibilities as citizens, I think that’s, again, is a very unfortunate turn of events.”

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