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Brian Stelter Goes Off on Fox News Over ‘Reprehensible’ Coronavirus Coverage: ‘There’s Real Consequences for This!’

CNN’s Brian Stelter criticized Fox News’ politicization of the coronavirus Friday, calling it “reprehensible.”

“These are people who are, for some reason, only making this about politics, trying to focus only on politics, and that’s because they are hammers, so all they see are nails,” Stelter claimed. “Sean Hannity exists, in his mind, to defend Donald Trump no matter what, and so he is making this about Trump when ultimately it is not.”

“This is about experts and scientists in Trump’s government that are trying to get accurate information out to the public. Unfortunately, the president and his lack of credibility is an issue, and the White House deserves scrutiny on that front,” he continued, adding, “It does seem like there is an attempt from pro-Trump media to make this all about Trump and politics when that’s really not the arena this is being fought in.”

“The battle against this virus is not being fought in the political arena, but that’s the only place they know,” Stelter declared.

At This Hour host Kate Bolduan noted, “And he’s not the only one, Sean Hannity [isn’t].”

“Right, that’s absolutely right, this has been going on all week long,” responded Stelter, before showing segments from Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Pete Hegseth and The Ingraham Angle host Laura Ingraham.

“I wish I could just laugh at it, I wish I could write it off as being unimportant, but it’s reprehensible for them to be out there saying the media is trying to take down Trump and weaponize fear. There’s real consequences to this,” said Stelter. “Even before the president took office when the Ebola scare happened in 2014, he was out there making a lot of noise about it, right wing media was out there hyping fears about it.”

“Now they feel the need to protect the president from potential political damage by saying the Democrats in the media are out to get you,” he concluded. “I think most will see through it, but it is still reprehensible.”

Watch above via CNN.

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