Brian Stelter Hammers Hannity: ‘The Worse It Gets For Trump, the Wilder the Conspiracy Theories Get’


During his opening monologue on today’s broadcast of Reliable Sources, CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter took aim at Fox News’ Sean Hannity for “escalating the war on Robert Mueller.”

Pointing out that Hannity and other pro-Trump media folks have been trying to confuse viewers over the Mueller probe as news gets more negative for President Donald Trump, Stelter said the challenge was to “refuse to be confused.” He went on to note that “the worse it gets for Trump, the wilder the conspiracy theories get.”

After playing a clip of Hannity saying that abuses made by FBI officials couldn’t be made up in a “spy novel,” Stelter snarked that a spy novel would be a “great fit for Hannity.”

The CNN host later pointed out Hannity’s flip-flop regarding the New York Times’ report on Trump ordering Mueller to be fired in June, noting that after the Fox News star was forced to admit that his own network had confirmed the story he immediately went to footage of a car chase.

“That’s the alternative universe in action — that it is right there,” Stelter said. “Let’s just turn to a video of a police chase. The challenge for us as news consumers and people like me as reporters is to refuse to be confused, to refuse to fall for all these traps, all these theories, all this noise and instead to stay focused on the huge story unfolding in Washington.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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