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Cable News Pundits Fawn Over Adam Schiff’s ‘Amazing’ Impeachment Speech: ‘Very Powerful and Forceful’

Cable news pundits swooned over House manager Adam Schiff’s performance at President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate Wednesday.

The House Intelligence Committee chairman made waves with his presentation on Wednesday, calling out Republicans for tolerating Trump’s conduct throughout the Ukraine scandal and arguing against the idea that the president acted out of a harmless interest in fighting corruption. When the trial broke for a brief recess period, pundits were asked for their thoughts about Schiff’s performance, and they ended up gushing over the congressman.

Here’s a few of the things people said about Schiff after his remarks were finished:

CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin called Schiff’s performance “dazzling”:

I thought it was dazzling. I thought the way he wove through both the facts of the case and the historical context was really remarkable. It was the second-best courtroom address, since it’s like a courtroom, that I ever heard, after a prosecutor named Jonathan Benedict in the Michael Skakel case in Connecticut is the best I ever heard, and it’s still the best, but that was — when you consider the volume of information he covered using the video, as I think Jake mentioned earlier, the — you know, the witness testimony, the documents, it’s very persuasive stuff.

Former top Mueller lawyer Andrew Weissmann said it should inspire an “I am Spartacus” moment:

This reminds me of the quote from — supposed to be Lincoln — who said, To sin by silence, when they should protest, Makes a coward of men. That’s the people who are thinking it’s better to stay silent and ‘I can do better by trying to do the right thing.’ This is really an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment where people really need to stand up. And I read the same thing which was that this was a speech really aimed at the better angels. And I think Adam Schiff did a really great job.

The Root politics editor and MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson called the speech historic:

What we are looking at, what I thought was amazing about Schiff’s presentation is he was speaking not just to the 100 people in the room. He was speaking to 100 years in the future. This is a speech that kids will be giving in 2060 at university projects.

Former Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, now an MSNBC contributor, suggested Schiff has secret admirers:

Well, there are people in the Senate that call themselves lawyers. They went to law school. But they’ve never gotten near a jury in their lives. They have never felt the adrenaline of standing up and knowing you — nobody’s going to save you. You’re the one who has to speak and be cogent and persuasive. So they’re admiring him even if they’ll never admit it publicly.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer called the speech “very powerful and forceful,” and “a very strong case” for Trump’s removal:

“A very, very powerful and forceful speech – almost two and a half hours – by Adam Schiff, the lead house manager. That means the Democrats and the other House managers, they have another 21 and a half hours to go over today, tomorrow, and Friday – a total of 24 hours over three days. And Jake, if the President of the United States was aboard Air Force One now, flying back to Washington from Davos, Switzerland, if he was listening, he heard a very, very strong case from Adam Schiff why he, the president of the United States, should be convicted and removed from office, and we suspect he’s watching on television because he’s been tweeting over the last hour or so.

Watch above, via CNN and MSNBC.

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