Carl Bernstein Compares Trump to Nixon on CNN: There are ‘Echoes of Watergate’ in Ukraine Controversy


Veteran reporter Carl Bernstein compared President Donald Trump to Richard Nixon, saying he sees “echoes of Watergate” in the ongoing whistleblower controversy.

“I keep getting asked are there echoes of Watergate in this? And there are in the following ways: Watergate was an attempt by Richard Nixon to undermine the democratic electoral process,” Bernstein said.

Bernstein, a CNN political analyst, was asked by Reliable Sources anchor Brian Stelter about any potential similarities between Trump’s current controversy and Nixon’s scandals.

The question was framed to highlight similarities.

“Let’s play this out as any president who is caught on the phone doing this kind of dealing for his own domestic political benefit. What should the reaction be?” Stelter asked.

Bernstein said Nixon and his allies used “political espionage and sabotage to manipulate the opposition party into nominating, through political dirty tricks and misinformation, its weakest candidate–George McGovern–instead of its strongest candidate who Nixon didn’t want to run against, Sen. Edmund Muskie.”

Bernstein was referring to his and Bob Woodward’s reporting that discovered Nixon’s campaign allies fabricated a politically damaging letter about Muskie that cost him the New Hampshire primary.

“And something in the same thing seems to be happening here,” he continued. “Where Biden, who Trump and his people said they fear the most in terms of being an opponent, has been an object of these perhaps dirty tricks and abuses of power.”

“One thing Nixon never did was engage a foreign power to investigate a candidate running for office in the United States. It is a grievous offense if this is what happened and it seems to be,” Bernstein said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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