Cenk Uygur Defends AND Savages ‘Whiny’ Meghan McCain for Spoiling Game of Thrones


Spoiler Alert! The Young Turks host and founder Cenk Uygur still doesn’t like Meghan McCain, whom he thoroughly trashed even as he was defending her for spoiling the series finale of Game of Thrones for the entire viewing audience of The View.

On the latest episode of TYT, Uygur and co-host Ana Kasparian discussed Monday’s episode of The View, during which McCain blurted out that (SPOILER ALERT) Brandon Stark was appointed ruler of The Six Kingdoms (formerly The Seven Kingdoms) instead of “Mother of Dragons” Daenerys “Dany” Targaryen.

“Meghan McCain did, unfortunately, share some spoilers, and the reaction by the other ladies on the panel was hilarious,” Kasparian said, and played the clip in which co-host Sunny Hostin exclaims that she’s only on season four as McCain reveals the ending, and McCain makes the point that she ought to be able to talk about a hot topic during a Hot Topics segment.

“Okay, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I actually agree with her,” Kasparian said, adding “Why is it one of the topics if they are not allowed to talk about… like, I feel like it was all orchestrated.”

“I totally agree,” Uygur said. “I know this is a shocking twist, kind of like Game of Thrones, but Meghan McCain is one of those people that makes it hard to agree with her.”

“Going in, I was like well look, if you’re not going to talk about the ending, then don’t bring it up, and certainly a producer should have told her, or Whoopi should have told her, don’t do spoilers,” Uygur said, and he and Kasparian made the point that this probably should have been discussed during a production meeting.

“But bottom line is, even though I want to defend her, she’s so whiny!” Uygur exclaimed. “She’s so ‘aaaahhh!” nails on a chalkboard, and everything feels like, ‘Oh my God I’m being put upon.'”

Uygur confessed to having spoiled things for people before, but said “I at least have a decency to feel terrible about it.”

“She seemed like she felt terrible, but you’re right in that her delivery just, it rubs people the wrong way,” Kasparian said.

“No, but then she turned around, because she can’t help herself, and blamed the people, ‘Oh are you triggered by it? Are you triggered by it?'” Uygur said, imitating McCain.

Uygur added that “on the other hand, Sunny, if you are on season 4, it’s tough to complain right?”

Uygur also criticized McCain for “rooting for one of the bad guys” but the character to whom he was referring, the aforementioned Daenerys Targaryen, spent seven seasons on a heroic story arc, only to turn into a remorseless war criminal in the penultimate episode.

Watch the clip above, via The Young Turks.

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