CEO Compliments Trump By Calling Him ‘Racist for the American Employee’ on CNBC

1thumb1Paradata CEO and Donald Trump supporter Scott Slinker found a uniquely Trumpist way of complimenting his candidate of choice while inhabiting a CNBC panel on the perils of being an out and proud Trump backer. The guests were discussing the totally weird horror they encounter when people find out they’re supporting an overt racist for president, which one panelist likened to the reaction she’d get for revealing that her “dog is not a rescue.”  Slinker chimed in with one of the more bizarre metaphors you’re likely to hear on cable news, which is saying a lot:

It’s the every day common employee who wants to get back to work. And this country has to get back to work. And Trump is, I’ll tell you, I think he’s a racist for the American employee, and I think that’s what people are resonating for. He wants to get America back to work. I think that’s a great thing. I hope you don’t edit that out.

That sounds kind of crazy, but it just might work. Trump could incorporate this bizarro version of Martin Luther King‘s “drum major” quote into his stump speech. “If you want to say that I was a racist, say that I was a racist for the American employee. If you want to say that I was Hitler, say that I was Hitler for Muslims. If you want to say that I was David Duke, say that I was David Duke for White People. Wait, what?”

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