Former DC Police Chiefs Slams Potential Chicago PD Walkoffs Over Vax Policy: ‘To Walk Off the Job For Something Like This Is a Violation of Their Oath’


Former D.C. Metropolitan Police and Philadelphia police chief Charles Ramsey slammed the president of Chicago’s largest police union for directing members to disobey the city’s Covid-19 vaccination policy. He also took to task officers who have threatened to walk off the job over the order.

The policy does not require employees to be vaccinated. Rather, city employees can choose between the vaccine and being tested twice a week.

The policy, which goes into effect today, also requires employees to enter their vaccination status in an online portal.

John Catanzara, the head of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, has directed members to ignore the city’s directive.

“It is an improper order. It’s illegal,” he said. “I don’t care if it’s Superintendent [David] Brown. If somebody orders you to go into the portal, refuse that order.”

City employees who fail to comply will be designated as being on non-disciplinary non-paid status.

Ramsey, a 30-year veteran of the Chicago PD himself, called the Catanzara’s actions “incredibly unfortunate” on CNN Friday.

“Police officers have an obligation much higher than this political nonsense that seems to be going around and around vaccines right now, and that is to keep the public safe,” said Ramsey. “They’re sworn to do that. And to walk off the job for something like this is a violation of their oath.”

Host Victor Blackwell asked the chief, “Think back a few decades for me. I’m sure they asked a lot about your medical history to even get the job. Were there vaccines that were required as well?

“Certainly,” replied Ramsey. “Just like going to school. I mean, polio, and measles, mumps, things of that nature. I mean, you know, this is not anything new, and again, the city isn’t mandating that they all be vaccinated. Just show proof of vaccination or submit to regular testing. This isn’t just about your health, it’s about health of everyone around you. And again, four Chicago police officers died last year from Covid, and now their union president, or former union president dies this year. I mean, personally, I don’t get it.”

Watch above via CNN.

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